mardi 28 juillet 2009

there's no question, only answers ^^

And finally we still don't know the "real" reason ! It would seem that there are many other versions here or here...
Many legends attribute to cats the power to predict the weather : in Thailand, the benevolence of the god Indra is asked through a rite consisting in splashing with water a cat in a cage, walked around the village...
anyway let's notice that most of asian cats have the tail cut ; why ?!
... let me know if you have any interesting or weird idea :D

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  1. c'est pour en faire un blaireau pour se raser :)

  2. ah ah ! au temps jadis alors... nous sommes au XXIeme my dear ! :p ( remarque c'est tendance "bio" aussi, recyclage quand tu nous tiens ^^ )

  3. miss love good bye my boonmee deaf thank you

  4. check please
    from boonmee deaf

    et une petit coucou de william

  5. hey ! thank you boonmee ! beautifull drawing on this link !!! you're amazing !hope you're fine, take care :)